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Ceramic kilns

Ceramic Kilns

Induzir has been producing ceramic kilns since its foundation in 1993. The size or type of kiln has never been a problem since the beginning of this company.

Our biggest specialty is: Make kilns tailored to our customer’s needs.

That said, we have already produced ceramic kilns with capacities ranging from 2 L to big continuous kilns with over 100 meters in length. And with temperatures ranging from 50ºC (dryers) to 1600ºC.


Which ceramic industries are our kilns suitable for?

We make kilns for:

  • Tableware.
  • Decorative ceramic.
  • Sanitary ware.
  • Bricks & Roof Tiles; special roof accessories.
  • Split tiles.
  • Refractories.
  • Technical-Ceramics.
  • Electrical insulators.
  • Tiles.


Do you want to know to what kind of ceramic industries we make the more kilns?

For tableware and decorative ceramics, we make:

  • Kilns for faiances.
  • Kilns for stoneware.
  • Kilns for porcelain.


Types of ceramic kilns we make?

We have several types of ceramic ovens that allow us to cover such a wide range of solutions.

Among which:

  • Continuous kilns:
    • Tunnel kilns;
    • Roller kilns.
  • Shuttle kilns.
  • And many other special kilns.

Most of our ceramic kilns use natural gas and electricity as fuel, but they can also use other types of gas and liquid fuels.

All our ceramic kilns are produced with great responsibility, professionalism and concern for the environment.

That way we produce custom-made kilns that always meet the requirements intended by our clients like control, durability, design and energy efficiency.

If your company is considering changing kilns, upgrading or simply increasing production capacity, Induzir can help!

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