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Other equipment

In addition to ceramic kilns, we also produce other equipment’s.


Furnaces for metal working companies

For metallurgy we have previously produced equipment for:

  • Aluminium smelting;
  • Moulds for glass;
  • Spring manufacture;
  • Forging;
  • Cutlery annealing;
  • Different types of heat treatment.


Control systems

Induzir continually bets on the evolution of its equipment’s, and control systems are part of this evolution. Proof of this our control system fully integrated with the concept of industry 4.0.


Energy optimization systems

Energy efficiency along with environmental protection is a very important goal for us. We have been doing efforts to make the most of the heat produced by our kilns in the ceramic process.


Dryers and Pre kilns

Perfect drying is essential to the success of firing process, in this sense from an early age we also focus on the development of lower temperature equipment.

In addition to these equipments we also supply various components of the kilns. The most recurring case is to produce the body of an intermittent kiln or some modules of a continuous  kiln.

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