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Research and development

Research and development

Research and development have been a top priority for Induzir in recent years. Since 2015, we have strengthened our project and R&D department annually, to increasingly develop more efficient and effective solutions.


Web supervision system (industry 4.0)

We recently upgraded the equipment with new supervision software, which allows to control and view all parameters related to the operation and production of the kilns, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

This system is very versatile and can also be installed on used equipment. We consider this system one of the greatest achievements of research and development in last years and therefore we regularly continue to follow new developments and new features.


Energy efficiency

The sustainability of the environment is a concern of all and in this field, Induzir wants to lead by example. Therefore, since 2016, our ovens include two new technologies.


Preheating of combustion air

This technology use the heat that is expelled from the kilns chimneys to preheat the combustion air that enters the burners. With this technology we utilize enough heat so the combustion air can enter the burners with temperatures around 300-400ºC, which means a very important reduction in the kiln consumption.


Individual and dynamic air and gas control (Atmosphere control)

This technology allows individual and dynamic control over the amounts of air and gas used during combustion at any point in the process, which improves combustion efficiency and decreases energy consumption.


With the combination of these 2 new technologies, the Induzir kilns now consume around 25% less energy.


We keep very confident that continued research and development will continually bring to our kilns better and better results.

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