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Introduction and History of Induzir

  • Induzir is a company headquartered in the Industrial Zone of Jardoeira – Batalha Portugal, in which the main activity is the design, construction, installation and repair of kilns and similar equipment for the metalurgic and ceramic industries.
  • Our company builds from the small kiln studio until the tunnel kilns for large productions: stoneware, tableware, terracotta, porcelain, structural ceramic, refractory materials. Recently we started to build kilns for other industrial applications, particularly in the metalomechanics area.
  • Induzir works actively in the technological Research and Development area, creating new solutions, developing and improving the production process ok kilns for the ceramic industry and for some sectors of the metallurgical industry, as a result of these activities, Induzir can nowadays present products with high quality and environmental concerns, through an increasingly efficient use of energy, always integrating in our kilns more reliable and modern technology and equipment.
  •  In terms of production, the company has its own facilities, approximately 3000 m2, suitable to its production, which has all the necessary equipment, storage areas and loading dock ready to load their equipment.
  • Induzir has at your disposal an after-sales and technical support services of high quality, a reference at national level, we have a highly experienced team of technicians, always attentive to the costumer’s requests and desires.
  • By ordering, Induzir also has a marketing service for materials and accessories related to the ceramic industry, always with very competitive prices.


History of Induzir

  • October 1993, Induzir started his activities with the assembly of ignition and auto restart firing systems in shuttle kilns for the ceramic industry.
  • Early 1994, Induzir started to build electric and gas intermittent kilns with different capacities
  • End of 1995, development of an innovative project of circular tunnel kiln, in which the main feature is that it allows the reduction of the firing cycle and energy savings around 30%.
  • In 2000, Induzir designs and builds all the equipment for the new plant of Cervouga (near Aveiro) for the bricks production.
  • September 2005, Induzir gets the certification of his Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • April 2007, the acquisition of the project, construction, assembly of a complete factory (kiln and other machines) for the brick and tile production, by a Spanish and Venezuelan consortium.
  • May 2008, Induzir gets the re certification of his Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • January 2009, Induzir in partnership with other entities - CTCV (Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro), Universidade de Aveiro, INETI (Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação), Porcelanas Costa Verde – initiates the conception of an innovative project to build a hybrid kiln (gas and microwaves) for porcelain production by the sintering process.
  • 2012, Induzir develops for the tunnel kilns, walls coated with refractory parts designed to allow its fitting by giving it greater term and mechanical resistance and ease of transport.


Induzir - Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos, Lda.
Zona Industrial da Jardoeira, lote 23
2440-474 Batalha - Portugal
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