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The summary of the year 2020

Despite having been an atypical year, fortunately we got overcomes it successfully.

Ceramics continued to be our most representative market, approximately 55%, and the rest distributed by the chemical, glass, automotive and metal mechanics industries.

One of our priorities for 2020 continued to be energy efficiency, and in this context, we were monitoring the results of the technologies already applied, having also started the development and study of other new forms of optimization, where we expect promising results.

In the context of the results analysis, we compared the use of a tunnel kiln with the technology of recovery of heated air through an Air-Air heat exchanger with the use of a standard tunnel kiln. The results revealed a 23% increase in efficiency in the Induzir kin and a decrease of 1300 tons of CO2 produced.

Another analysis carried out was the operation of an intermittent kiln with an Air-Air exchanger and special Air-Gas control and the results obtained showed a minimum efficiency increase of 15%.

These results make us very satisfied and confirm that we are on the right track. They are the motivation we need for 2021, where we want to continue to develop technologies that help protect our environment and reduce energy costs for our customers!

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