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5 years ago, we installed the new dynamic air and gas control system for intermittent kilns.

The purpose of this system was to save gas through better control of the air and gas ratio along the combustion curve. The first kiln was acquired by the company Jomazé and in the early months this client reported that he consumed 15% less on average than the other kilns in his factory.

Today, after about 5 years, it continues as you would expect in very good conditions and above all to have a good impact on the factory. We collected the testimony of one of the managers of the company Mr. Mário Sousa who could not be more positive.

There are changes that are being made for the better and this control system was certainly a winning bet! Nowadays almost all kilns produced by Induzir are commercialized including this system.

Thanks to Jomaze, Lda, which was the first ceramic company that trusted this system!

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