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For us all ? Stop Covid 19

For us all – Stop Covid 19

Portugal is in a state of emergency. Despite the restrictions that the current situation requires, our company continues to work towards fulfilling its commitments to its customers.

Since mid-March, Induzir put all its administrative functions on a teleworking regime, so far with good results. On the other hand, we keep the entire productive part in operation and all workers have at their disposal all the conditions to develop their work safely.

In Induzir we intend to be part of the solution to this global pandemic, we will fight daily according to these two principles:

- Take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of Covid 19;

- Do our part so that the national economy doesn’t stop.

We plan during the month of April continue to give an example of dynamism and responsibility in industry.

Follow us to find out what’s new next month.

Will everything go well?

We believe so because it depends a lot on all of us.

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