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Continuous kiln

Continuous kilns for high quality productions

Our continuous kilns are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. We make continuous kilns in different sizes ranging from a small kiln for decorative work up to large kilns. Our kilns are manufactured to transport products in cars or on rollers, depending on requirements. 

The continuous kilns that our customers use the most are the roller kilns and the tunnel kilns.


Tunnel kilns

They are continuous kilns in which the products are transported on wagons, which follow the kiln's path usually through rails.

These kilns have continuous cycles and are characterized by their great versatility. This happen because of the load possibilities that can be obtained with the use of wagons.


Roller kilns

They are also continuous kilns, but in these case the load moves by the action of rollers.

These kilns are characterized by their lower energy consumption when compared with tunnel kilns. As they do not heat and cool the handling system (wagons in the case of tunnel kilns).


Some of the features of our continuous kilns:

  • Energy saving systems;
  • Fan speed control;
  • Automatic atmosphere control and setting;
  • Hot air recovery for different purposes;
  • Excellent temperature uniformity;
  • Stainless steel ducting;
  • Electronic ignition system;
  • Wide-ranging and complete WEB environment supervision.
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