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Our Mission

The Mission of Induzir is producing equipment, namely kilns for the ceramic industry and other industrial applications, making use of the best quality materials, in order to provide our customers with excellent and reliable products.

After more than 20 years of activities, we are proud to receive compliments from our customers about the quality of our products and services, taking advantage of his satisfaction to always try to find new and modern solutions for their needs.

We have the experience of a team of collaborators with a high sense of professionalism that always seeks to improve the provided services by making use of their willingness, ability to auscultation, swiftly and effectively to our costumer’s requests.
We incorporate in our success our suppliers, with whom we have a perfect articulation, sharing with us our desire for continued progress of the activity.

Induzir - Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos, Lda.
Zona Industrial da Jardoeira, lote 23
2440-474 Batalha - Portugal
+351 244 769 340